Electric Vehicle(EV) has been a priority topic...




Electromobility is one of the key technologies for ensuring the sustainability of future mobility and transport. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports research in this area via strategically targeted measures and programs, which at the same time stimulate the formation of national and international collaborative networks. The “Memorandum of Understanding” between Germany and China for scientific cooperation in basic research for electromobility is an important example of the support of bi-lateral research by the BMBF.

Based on this memorandum, which was signed into effect during Federal Minister Schavan’s visit to China in June 2010, a group of German Technical Universities (TU9) and a group of Chinese technical universities, headed up by Tongji University, have started a range of joint research projects on electromobility. The universities aim to address the main technological challenges on the component and total system level as well as the development of educational programs. These projects enrich both the existing diverse cooperation set ups between Germany and China, and will help both countries to proceed jointly on the path towards sustainable mobility.